A reintroductory post

A Re-introductory post

I really really want to write this “introductory” post,  I called it a “re-introductory” post actually.

While I’ve been in freelancing as long as I remember and registered my business just recently and not to mention that I started blogging just before the term “professional blogger” became famous,  I think I wrote a lot of my “first blog post” so many times.  That’s because I started so many blogs prior to my designing and developing website gigs.  

Heck, I even taught my former boss how to blog, and you know what?  He was so impressed that his blog posts made it on the first of Google search whenever he search his company online.

But kids, don’t ever do that yourself.  Don’t search your company name on Google search because you only need to type a certain keyword that you want to use for your business. Typing your company name doesn’t count, unless of course you are well loved and your brand already stuck to your customer’s mind and all they want to know is your exact website URL or address or time your business is open.

Before I go off topic today,  I want to “re-introduce myself”.  I know that I’ve written some blog post already but It’s been a while, I think it was 6 or 7 months ago when I committed myself to another important decision I made that is not related to building websites to my most favourite entrepreneurs in the whole wide world. I totally put my website and my business in the back burner.

But my heart belongs to the Internet and I don’t want to just be in social media posting about nothing.

I was born to create, designing and building websites to those who need it, who want it and to those who want to get more business doing what they love through their website.

I found that out in 2005 just six months after I started blogging.

For those who had a “mini vacation” away from your business,  I know that you’ll get me if I say that this post feels like a first blog post to me.

And because this is my first, allow me to introduce myself.

I am really glad that you’re here.  Before designing and building websites, nothing excites me more than updating my blog with new blog posts, that was million years ago.

But I find myself thinking about it all the time, maybe because we are in this era that almost everyone are creating content whether it’s video, audio, podcasts and lots and lots of Instagram photos almost everyday.

Spending time with my computer was a big part of my life and when my mother found out that there are people paying me to design, build or even fix their websites, she only said one thing and that is “Oh God, finally you are earning money by simply sitting in front of your computer.”

Of course, my mother doesn’t know that I am not just sitting in front of my computer.

I’ve been learning three things in my whole spending time with my computers.

  1.  I learned to hack scripts back in my IRC days,
  2. I learned to hack HTML and CSS to change the design and layout of my blogs.
  3. I finally learned to build websites from scratch during my first two weeks at my internship (with pay) as a Junior Developer in an organization that specializes in community-based advertising, public relations, networking and marketing initiatives. No offence to my instructors in college but I am sure that they’ll agree when I say that we learn the most in real time work.  

I was so grateful at my technology director at that time because he gave me all the time in the world that I needed to understand how a website built in an agency setting. That framework, of course, I didn’t use.

For the past 8 years:

  1. I worked as a Junior Web Developer, working side by side with graphic designers and together we built functional and dynamic websites.  In this position, I met clients or worked with them by phone teaching them how to manage their sites.
  2. I worked as a freelance web developer and helped graphic designers bring their design come to life.
  3. I was hired a full-time in-house web designer/developer by one of my clients and found myself doing graphic design jobs as well.
  4. And during my stint as a full-time in-house web designer/developer,  I also worked with some NGO in the tech and social area.

Looking back,  I thought that I was living my dream.  My dream was to become a web designer, I didn’t realize that I can code as well and the coding part was the icing on the cake. Little did I know that once I left my job and start working for myself again, I will fall in love with the marketing part of my work.

And guess what? The marketing part, whether it’s the email automation, creating content that will pick up more audience or gathering and make all marketing leads work together into one for any business success, these are the parts of marketing that I’d love to share with my clients just because I believe that my client’s success is my success too.

The good thing is that you don’t need to be my client to get this information from me.

I have this space here on this side of the Internet which is my website where I can update you through my blog posting, and other areas of this website where I can discuss with you what I do, my current offering and some tips that I can share with you.

I also do hope that we’re connected in one of my social media networks.

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