Living in Alignment With Your Business Desired Outcome

Alignment: an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another (Merriam Webster)

I was doing this curriculum online where I go back to basic. Learning, unlearning and relearning the foundation of website design.

I’ve been designing websites since 2005 and the technology of building sites from the time I started to now has a huge difference. WordPress was 1.5.2 back then.

And when I started, I was not using WordPress. I started as a blogger on, and I was patiently learning inline CSS at that time just because I was very eager to change the design of my blog.

If you are so inclined to modern web design, I know for sure that you don’t want to go back using that kind of stylesheet.

I don’t know why I am talking about the modern web and how we were doing it in the past. Maybe because the word alignment came up when I was busy working on the challenges I was doing.

Sometimes, destruction like this is powerful than any other destruction you get when you are working on something.

This kind of destruction can divert you from doing nothing to entirely working on your business.

I want to talk about alignment with your company’s business desired outcome.

It interests me when I saw the title of this event by one of my friends on Facebook.

The title made me questioning my intent lately when I bug my clients to write content (usually blog posts) on their websites. I always do that you know, bugging my clients.

Just because, if you have been on this website, you won’t find any new content, until now. (I want to sing Halleluya right now as I am typing this.)

It’s about time, and I know you’ll agree with me when I said this.

I am doing some client work right now and here’s the funny thing. This girl, right here, is on holiday in my business, you know, that kind of work that I build a website for entrepreneurs.

I even deleted my Facebook app from my phone. I know that being active on Facebook to stop me from taking my holiday entirely. For almost three months I don’t have a Facebook app. Not until I discover that I can browse Facebook on Instagram. Wow! Mark Zuckerberg, really?

Before I lose you, this post is more intended to me than yours.

Like what I said, I am, or I was on an almost three months holidays.

While I am working with a couple of client work at one time (during my holidays, yeah!), It is apparent to me that there is no alignment on my business goal that I set for myself last March when my coaching session with my personal/business coach ended.

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy and still am pleased with the outcome of my coaching with Lori Bertoni. A lot happened and my mindset about believing myself and accepting myself of who I am and what I can do for myself, it’s enormous!

I must say that me being happy and more comfortable with myself became a problem.

Too comfortable that I wasn’t paying much attention to the reason why I decided to do my business coaching with Lori in the first place and come to think it, the reason why I created my business.

My personal development expanded, though. I am outside a lot lately. Enrolled in a program and confidently doing the presentation with other members of the class.

I am not confined to my home anymore. I go outside. Always on the bus lately. I talked with strangers without thinking that strangers don’t like me.

One time, I was sitting on the bus I noticed that I didn’t feel that I am different with the people I travel with that day. I feel at home.

That feeling for me, says that I am winning my fight against my old self.

And then, suddenly I felt like something is missing. And that something is that I realized that I am not doing the thing I love the most.

Although, I tell myself that I am a late bloomer when it comes to technology and building website per se.

Building something with my hand and my skills to help small business owners and non-government organization succeed on the things that they create for themselves and other people. That was my bread and butter (this bread and butter thing, I’ll explain later in my next post.)

And I missed it so much!

That is why I’m here my friends, and I am back!

With coming back to my truth (this whole thing, waking up in the morning, drinking my coffee, turning on my computer and start working on client work or in my business and best of all, making something valuable to help sustain one’s business, these are my truth!)

I thought I am ready to let go of my truth to get a new skill and land a new job. I thought I am willing to let go my truth to settle and then I listened to this podcast about getting out of debt, freedom and not settling in.

I don’t want to settle for a job that doesn’t excite me.

The job that I want is a job that will make me actually wake up in the morning. Most of all, a job that I am also my boss.


[ctt template=”11″ link=”5jmc7″ via=”yes” ]Now that I am coming back to my senses, the reason why I almost believe that it’s time to give up my dreams of having a business and become my own boss is that I was not living with alignment with my goals.[/ctt]

I have a personal desire of becoming a business owner and have a successful one. For sure I have goals, but I wasn’t living with the intention to reach that goal. I settled and almost giving up.

But now I’m back and focus on living in alignment not only in my personal life but to my company’s desired business outcome.