your website is your content vehicle

Sometimes search engines is not your friend, but your content is

When you realized that you are getting addicted to creating content again, you’ll never stop writing.

It’s a Client Project kind of day today. You see, I just started to have my time management system in place. I want to make sure that I am following the schedule that I created.  I am sure it will help me have an organized life every day when I work.

Monday and Friday is the time when I do marketing, Tuesday To Wednesday are for client work, and there must be somewhere in between that I do a personal project. And of course, admin work too.

Guess what? My personal project is also related to what I do professionally. I am creating a free content focus blog WordPress theme, isn’t it funny? I’ll get more into that in some later blog posts.

But as I am drinking my coffee and reading “10 Content Hacks To Drive Traffic” by Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier, I thought it is time for me to publish my second blog post since I started to continue my journey to blogging….again.

Some years ago, I planned to restart my blogging by publishing a post every day, which I didn’t do. I wasn’t fortunate in making that plan possible. And it affects how I want my freelancing business go when it comes to leveling up. You know what happened next? I ended up looking for a job/work that I wasn’t happy doing.

I use the term “restart” because just like a vehicle I need to turn my “content vehicle” on or switch it on to move again.

There must be some ignition somewhere or else, and I will not recuperate from a long gap of publishing content for my business.

Your website as a content vehicle

And for me, I believe that the content vehicle for my business is right here on the website I create to run my business online.

My website is my virtual office. This is where I invite people to visit, check my work and read answers to most clients nagging questions about their sites and how they will run their business online and offline.

There is nothing more frustrating for potential clients/customers than missing or lacking information.

If you are a member of local community groups on Facebook, ours in Barrie is called “The New Barrie Moms Everything Buy and Swap”, there are lots of them, but this group is the one I usually visit if when I am on Facebook.

Members posted their stuff that they want to get rid off or ask recommendations if they ‘re going to buy something. People usually ask some random questions about family too, where to buy things and if an establishment is open during holidays, yes people ask that.

And most of the times, members will reply “Google it, duh!”

But what if Google fails you?

And most of the times also, as much as we appreciate how Google makes our life easier when it comes to pieces of information on everything under the sun, crucial information like if the establishments are open or have something that we need at the moment, it is not telling us anything.

You’ll be surprised when I tell you that we visited some places using the information we got from Google, only to find out that the store has to close at that day or worst case scenario. The store is not even there anymore. The automated answering machine will also tell you “This phone is not accepting calls at this time.”

Very frustrating!

I blame it on the local business site owners or their website managers for not updating their content regularly. Or not even telling Google, “Hello! We are close forever, duh!”

Business owners have to realize that Google only gets your most precious content and add it to the top of a search engine if it’s fresh and new. Remember the lady at your clinic ask you if you still live at the same address?

It is precisely the same thing with search engines. Only search engines won’t ask you these pieces of information regarding your business. You have to do the work. Update your website content and your business information regularly. Don’t forget to share it and share it again online,  I discussed how sharing your content on social media as a smart strategy to get tractions on your online business and this is applicable to offline business as well.. Only then those who benefit your data will know that you are still there and doing some business work.


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