crazy ideas and creating content

Crazy ideas are exciting when you finally did it.

So I set crazy ideas as my goal for March, and one of these is writing a blog post a day. I will tell you my second big goal later, but I thought the one I shared with you in my last blog post is a big one too.

I am sitting here and kind of cursing-not cursing myself for setting that goal.

To be honest, I find that one to be scary. I don’t know if I can pull that off. One blog post a day until the end of March?

“Are you crazy, Annalyn?”

If you ask that question when you read it last time, that makes two of us.

I feel like crazy, and it was a burst of the moment. It happens all the time. I think of something, and most of the time, I call myself crazy for getting that idea in my head.

Crazy ideas are exciting when you finally did it.

I have a lot of crazy ideas that all slipped away, and then I asked myself “What if? What if I did that crazy idea into my business? Will it flop? What if it becomes successful?”

Nothing terrible will happen, right?

And if I put those ideas into a process, who knows if I win the jackpot? Wow!

Those ideas are actually about how I can market my services as a web designer/digital marketer. And if it’s a strategy to get more clients or solidifying my relationship with other people I know online, it will be a huge win after all.

But most of the times, I let fear control all my decisions which is not good when you’re in business.

Having to write this post, my 2nd blog post since I started yesterday is a huge win for me. You see, my last blog post before yesterday, I wrote it last October.

So basically, I didn’t make any effort to move my web services forward, which is a no-no if you are running a business.

I decided to create a habit of writing daily to catch on the days that I should be writing or creating content for my business.

If you haven’t done anything lately, I advise that you sit on it and plan for your content marketing. You can write a blog post, work on a video and even a podcast if you are interested in creating one.

All of these are an essential part of marketing your business, and I believe that every online marketing you do for your business start on your website.

How about we tackle how we’ll come up with blog topics and where we’ll get them?  You’ll be surprised because you already know the answer to these questions.

Also, one of the ideas I made to fruition lately is finally having my group on Facebook.  It is not crazy because almost everyone has their group and if you are in business and doesn’t have one yet, maybe it’s time for you to create one.

It is pretty new, and if you are a female business owner, I would love for you to join me. Head on to “Get Blossom” and join me.  It gets lonely in there.

Photo by Katerina Radvanska on Unsplash

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