creating, nurturing relationships and conversion

Creating, nurturing relationships and conversion through social networking

Creating, nurturing relationships and conversion, of course, social media and social networking, I was thinking about all of these this morning.

Before I go into that, these three topics just came up while I am planning my Lead Generation for my homepage.

I am tinkering a downloadable copy of tips to finding the right leads for product and services.

And one of the items that I could think of is “creating engagement with your audience through social media.” I want to clarify that social media and social networking are two different entity, but they correlate to each other of course.

Well before the hype of social media, there were chat rooms, remember Yahoo Chat? MIRC? Anyone?

Yes, that was before blogging becomes popular, almost all of us Internet people, we call ourselves netizen back in the days.

Chatrooms and forums are the social networking places back then, and we don’t call them apps or web apps.

I met this lady from one of the chat rooms in the Philippines. We talked right there in the room in the middle of overflowing messages with other people from different background who were also in the chatroom. I don’t remember if that local chat room had private messages because we know Yahoo and IRC have private messages right?

The two of us always chat.  Some people were joining into our discussion, and we decided one day to exchange phone numbers.

We became friends on the phone too. We chat in the room, we call chat room, and we talked every day on the phone. Little did we know that we are nurturing relationships. We just talked about life in general, sometimes about other people in the chatroom but mainly about our lives. She knows I was a single mom and I also learn about her family.

And then one day she decided to ask my address, and she came to my house, and I realized now that if I was selling my services back then, I could convert this person to become my client. Since she asked my phone first and asked my house and knocked on my door, she’s already a customer.

I am thinking how focusing on that one person. Creating, nurturing relationships and conversion makes a big difference when we know who we want to communicate with.

When it comes to selling services and products, this is so effective.

Just a thought.

By the way,  This post is inspired by my Anchor segment, and you can hear my mini podcast at

creating, nurturing relationships and conversion through social media





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