Everything is Content

Everything is Content

Everything is content, it truly is!

I am supposed to attend the summit right now, I’ve been watching the Simplified Designer summit for the whole week but my mind is somewhere else, and it’s been itching for I don’t know how long.

Right in my shower, I thought that I got to write this (not about my shower but what’s in my head at that moment). I need to blog and write all that has been happening to me and my business. As you can see, everything changes around here on my website. I even re-design this space for less than two days (but guys, don’t do this at home wink**. Contact your web designer/developer if you want to redesign your website.)

And with all these changes. Not just about my website but the whole mindset, ideas, goals, plans, and anything in the future, I need to take action.

I need to create a complete marketing strategy to achieve all of this that has been running my mind. And there is nothing on my mind but creating content or content strategy for my business.

I’ve been writing a lot of content on Facebook and Instagram, why not work something out on my domain.

I own this space, and I can do whatever I want, including updating my content right?

So, I search for the Calmly writer (you don’t need to buy it if you want to dig into writing) and I decided to dig in. Before I wrote that last two words, I decided to close all the open browsers, including my website, my email, and Canva, Oh how I love Canva these past few days.

I forgot what I want to say in this blog post, but the thing is I need to write something. It was a busy month for me.  Clients came to me all at once requiring my help to fix what and whatnot on their website.

And did I mention that I helped a fellow developer build a site for a digital advertising agency’s client right at the same time when my clients needed me?

And I have to say that it was fun because it was not my usual work week, but I made it that week 🙂 Way to go self!

Yes, I do white label web development. That’s what I was doing before I finally build my business designing and building websites for business owners/entrepreneur.

I helped graphic designers and agency’s build websites for their clients. Freelancing at its best.

But now, I realized that there is something more I can offer to clients. There are those coming to me about their website SEO, help them fix or maintain their sites because their former designers/agency didn’t offer them help.

Sometimes, I feel like the girl-Friday of my clients. I am this so technical person that I am very comfortable talking with tech support.  Sometimes I do that kind of things for clients when I need it.

I don’t know where I am going at on this post but here’s the thing, a lot is going on in our personal lives and in business that is worth creating content. For me, it is blogging because of this where I started 12 years ago.

So there you go.  I can quickly tell you that my forgetfulness about the topic I want to write, my recent shower and what I was thinking under the shower is related to my content strategy right now. Genius right? 🙂

So those what is happening on our timeline, we can piece them together for great and enjoyable content. It is our adventure with ourselves and with our clients.  By putting all of these content together, it offers a lot of things to make our business works.

So Kim Doyal was on an FB live yesterday.

And Kim is the best person when it comes to storytelling. She can connect all the dots between her everyday life experience and her business.

I left in the comment that everything she says resonates with me. I love Kim Doyal. She started as a blogger as well, and I believe that the stuff that she puts online for her business is working fantastically as a content creator.

As I was saying, Kim has a live webinar yesterday on “Everything is Content.” Believe me when say  “I am shaking my head because this lady is talking to me at that moment.”  When you watch her, you’ll feel that she’s talking to you too.

Her Webinar tackles:

  • Creating content (if you are a business owner, you have to be a content creator
  • Document and Sharing
  • Your story is the strategy
  • Selling through your stories
  • And many more.

If you are into building a successful business you have to watch Everything is Content webinar.

You might need to join the Content Creator group on Facebook to watch this video. I know that you will thank me for joining though. I promise!

There is a goal of reaching 1800 members in the group up until Monday, we are going to celebrate if you join 🙂

Photo by Gabriel Santiago on Unsplash

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