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Remember the first moment when you realized to jump and take a leap?

You decided that after ten years of doing what you love, coaching others, giving the advice to make their life better than they imagine.

You said that “I want to do this every day, I want to help people and earn from it too.”

You’ve faced the world with high hopes. You went to a workshop and got your certification in coaching. You have found your people, your first clients outside the job that you’ve held for a very long time. And then you realized that as a business owner, you also have to own a website too.

You’ve tried to do it yourself, and you found yourself underneath the mountain of dirty clothes (aka the todo list of creating websites and other work that goes with it like marketing, networking, creating content, social media, etc.)

A few years ago, I was just starting out to build websites professionally.

I was fresh out of my very first agency gig and was looking for my very first customer as a freelancer, this guy an entrepreneur found me on the Internet and asked me to create an e-commerce website for his company.

He was selling sports memorabilia collectibles. I accepted the project, and I learned a lot of things about sports that I haven’t even heard before.

One time, I was watching a sports channel on TV with my fiance, and the name of the team and some names of the hockey players rung a bell. I said, “I’ve heard their name before!” It opens up to me in a whole new world.

I am watching sports now, well I watched basketball before but I also realized that there’s a lot of sports in the universe and our favorite is Baseball (Go Jays Go!)


So what is the relation of this entrepreneur who loves sports will do with you as a coach, you asked?

I learned a lot working with this client, from the products that he was selling to building an entirely badass e-commerce site, he had this more than 10K product listing, mind you. And I know that the guy learned from me as well because he has now owned a digital marketing agency too. YES!

And I know that you, an entirely badass life coach, lifestyle coach, health coach, and I, an experienced web designer/developer and digital business consultant can do something big together

Your big dream and my big dream, if we can put that together, it will be a blast! A humungous (if may I borrow my then-six-year-old child I took care as a nanny before) of a joy project.

[bctt tweet=”Your big dream and my big dream, if we can put that together, it will be a blast! A humungous (if may I borrow my then-six-year-old child I took care as a nanny before) of a joy project.” username=”@manilenya”]

That building your online presence?  I know that you are having a hard time figuring it out.

There was once an author who asked me for help, he said that he bought a hosting package from his website, he thought he could DIY a website for himself and his product.

But then he realized that he cannot do it. He is a writer, he can write a book for kids and make kids enjoy reading it, but he cannot build a website for himself and his product.

I know that you are secretly feeling the same way too.  You are a coach, and you can figure out anything, brighten things along the way and find the solution to yours and your client’s problems.

But the technical stuff?

Not so much. And I know that you’d rather use your creative mind and your time working with people. Other things will work itself out, or maybe a professional like me can help you solve your technical and other marketing problem.

There is this thing that I was thinking about for a long time.  That is working with coaches like you. I had experienced working with a coach on her website when I was working full time at my very recent job, and I thought, how excited I was working with this great lady.

I learned about grit and resiliency. There’s a lot for me to learn that will help me treat life more with positivity and light that is why I want to do this with you.

My business and services will change soon

It was long overdue, and I thought that this is the best time for me to work with you, help you clarify things on what makes a great website and how it can help boost your business on the go.

I’ve made a goal not too long ago to work with at least three coaches before I reconstruct my business to work with my goal, I didn’t have a formal announcement about it, and there is no right time to tell you this but today.

I have currently two spots left for my “Build a website for coaches to help them get off the ground.” This project is for coaches that are just starting out.

I want to help you:

  • find clarity on how a website works
  • the benefits of having a website as opposed to running your business using social media
  • have an accountability partner/guides on websites THAT work.
  • help you define your target audience, their pain points and how you’ll make them approach you through your website.
  • help you put together a content strategy for your main pages. Your ideal clients will thank you for that.
Get 300 dollars off on our website design starter package for your coaching business. Visit our website inquiry page or leave your name and email address below to apply.


Get 300 dollars off


You don’t need to do it all alone.

Don’t believe that other’s telling you how easy it is to design a website using available themes.  You know for a fact that after shedding tears and those late night sleep. The website that you will probably do yourself is not working for you. And then you miss working with your clients, and you have to do your offline marketing too.

What if after planning everything about your website you relax. Have a nap. You can go out with friends and of course, you can spend time with your clients too. You’ll have a lot of time already.

And then, here I am ready and excited to present you the solution I created for you. All you need to do is tell your friends and clients that your brand new website is now live.

Check Andi’s reaction after reviewing the design of her website. I can feel her excitement already. Email me or leave your name and email address below to get 300 dollars off on my starter package.


Ready to take your coaching business off the ground with a professional looking and get you more clients? You will get 300 dollars off too.  Only two spots left remaining.

Leave your name and email below and I will get back to you ASAP.
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