dear ideal client

Dear ideal client – last minute love letter for you because I care

Dear ideal client, I wrote a love letter for you.

The solar eclipse happened a couple of days ago, but honestly, I didn’t get to experience it unless of course, I’ll count the numerous status post of my Facebook friends. I told my fiance about it, and he asks me not to look at it because he doesn’t want me to hurt my eye by looking at it. Why I am telling you about this now is beyond any reason. I just think that I need to open a discussion anyway and the eclipse was huge this week.

No, I don’t want to bore you with stories on the solar eclipse, and I know you have plenty of those from your friends too.

You are my ideal client and I thought I write a love letter for you.

I am writing you this letter- the last minute love letter. I still need to find the reason why I called it last minute, but you see, I am using CoSchedule Headline Analyzer and the application suggested me that using an emotional headline can be powerful. If we work together, I want you to know at this early how important a headline when creating content for your business website.

I am sure that you already know. You’ve been on everyone’s lips, mostly business owners.

As a designer/developer who spent a lot of time talking with my clients, you are the center of my attention.  An ideal client like you is on everyone’s blog posts. You are on e-books too and don’t forget thousands of books that were written about you.

ideal client

We call you our ideal client, customers, raving fans, supporters and some call you their collaborator because you are a collaborator.

We cannot do the work if not because of you, your needs, your wants, your goals. And at the same time, you cannot get what you want, your needs and you cannot reach your goals without our help who works with you.

Did you see what I wrote there?

We are not your employee. We share our expertise with you, so I am glad that you appreciate us and the services that we offer for you and your business.

People are creating personas dedicated for you because they want to know you more and they want to create their products and services exactly just for you and around your business.

Not only they want you to be happy, but they want YOUR clients to get the satisfaction that they need with the kind of offerings you serve for them. I am sure you have your share of these people, YOUR PEOPLE!

So, what is this love letter all about?

Before I continue, instead of saying we because I cannot speak for other service providers behalf,  I will say I from this point forward.

Well working with me is a mutual venture. A mutual venture is not a one-sided love affair where you’ll let someone do the tango alone.

We both have the responsibility to make each other happy, avoid drama and unpleasantness.

I play my part, and you play your part.

Here are 4 tips for you to think before you hire me as your designer/developer.  This will help prevent our relationship from sour at the early stage of our working together.

  • Think of your investment in a way that you think about the future of your business.  Is your budget complements the job that you expect from me? For me to create a phenomenal work, I need to devote a significant amount of time, skills, focus and effort to your project.  I might not be building your house, but I help you grow your business through your website. Yes, helping you grow your business is my primary goal.
  • Please don’t say that “there’s a lot of people will be happy to do this work for you.”  That is disrespectful.  You’ll make me feel small and invaluable. And like other relationship, this is a reason why I think I might break up with you.
  • Trust me, just trust me. I am here for all the right reason. When you decide to work with me, you already know and accepted that I am a good fit.  You understand that I have skills and the right person to do the work.  Don’t micromanage me, trust my experience.  You may have an opinion, and I respect it.  Always keep in mind that I hear your voice loud and clear.  When do I ask you questions about your goal and the business needs before the project starts? I am interested to know everything about you and what makes your project a success.  And your voice is important when it’s about time to give feedback.
  • Communicate your needs with clarity and hold on to it. Please don’t change your goal and requirements whenever you want. If you do that it impedes the success of any project.  Explain why you want things to happen. The more you explain, the more I will get it. Let me know the purpose of the changes.
All I wish for both of us is to be happy.  I am happy, you are happy and both of our worlds are happy.  When we both have a fun and healthy business relationship our business also grow.

It is nice of you to read this today and before I end this letter I invite you to check the things that I can share with you to help your business grow online using your website. Please sign up below and see you on the other side.

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