Somebodys Watching You

Somebody’s Watching You

“I always feel like somebody’s watching me!”, You know that song from Rockwell and Michael Jackson right?

Though, this time, I want to put it as “somebody’s watching you!”

I say it not in a creepy way. And those who are watching what you’re doing online as a business are not creepy at all!

You know what I mean.


I want to run a quick update on this space, and It won’t take a lot of your time.

Just 1 minute - sombeody's watching youI find it funny because I am saying that line a lot more lately.

In fact, I created my first Anchor segment not just a while ago, and I called it “Just 1 Minute”. If you are interested, head on to my Anchor page to listen to my podcast which takes 1 minute and 4 seconds (including the “bleep” sound clip.)


Everybody’s busy, but everybody has time to find out that people are writing about them. So most writeup, short or long, even without a link to their website can find that you have written about them on your site. These businesses have the tools to see all the content around them even without the article linking to them. I am not going into deep around that topic on this post.

However, I want you to know that someone, somewhere, there are people who are listening to what you are saying. People are watching you or should I say that people are viewing themselves evolve online. And they have the tools to find out if they are getting the attention they create for their business.

I mentioned it because I received an email from Canva reaching out and acknowledging them in one of my recent post “Everything is Content” and it is not linking to their website. Receiving an email with the same intention is not the first time that somebody approached me via email.  They send me messages of how grateful he or she is that I mentioned about them on my site.

As a business owner myself, I felt some kind of pleasure that one of them emails me and reach out.

I don’t mind adding that one link that I might forget when I wrote the post if they intend to ask to link back to them.

In some extent, I also acknowledge how the other person or business owners feel when they realized that somebody spent the time to write something about them in a business website.

What if they are a first time client, or maybe a regular client? What do you think they would feel when you spend your time acknowledging their business or the relationship you build together on your website or another platform, tools you use to create and share your business journey?

Just think about it.

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