7 Reasons your website is not giving you any business

7 Reasons your website is not giving you more business

I get it. You have more followers and connections on your social networking than getting more interactions on your website.

And for that reason, you’d rather spend your time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

That is exactly the reason why I left my blog back in the day. I feel like my “blogging friends” are not into visiting web sites anymore. So I hopped in where people go. But you have to ask yourself, is it giving you any business?

Not all your customers are in social media

But they are on their phones. I remember an older client boasting his cell phone and searching “hardwood floors” using “OK Google.”

The gentleman was so happy with the result that he use voice search all the time to find out where he’ll get what he needs. He doesn’t go to a Facebook group and ask for a recommendation (although asking recommendation on Facebook is the in thing – for now)

Let’s get serious here for a bit. Your problem is that you have a website, but it doesn’t give you any business. You thought that social media is the best way to acquire clients. And that is true.

And for that reason, you are okay to abandon your web site, and worst case scenario is that you think you are fine to let your domain name and web hosting expired. You have your Facebook page and other social media profile anyway.

But your forgot that, once you start a conversation on your chosen platform, your customer is asking for your website. They want proof of what you have done, the product or services that you are selling and what’s in it for them if they choose to work with you.

Your website is the living proof of who you are as a business owner, a service provider. And you have nothing to show but a bunch of text and a picture that doesn’t mean anything.

At this stage, I want to talk about some reasons why your website is not giving you more business.

Reason #1: You are not publishing content on your website. You are not writing the blog posts that tell about your business, your products or your services.
Content can be textual, visual or aural. Content may be a form of text, videos sounds or animations

Your Facebook or Twitter posts are content, so if you strategically use them, you are creating an excellent content.

Content will help you with marketing your business, big time.

Content Marketing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Marketers

Reason #2: Your website is too slow. It takes the time to load that your visitor decided just to prepare a coffee, drink it and realize that they can visit another website that sells the same product as yours. Next thing you know, your ideal client is doing business with your competitor. Ouch!

Analyze your site speed and make it faster.

Reason #3: Your website is not mobile friendly.  It maybe too old and need some website redesign because all modern website should be available to view on many devices.  I tell you, I love using my phone, and I browse Facebook posts statuses a lot, and I visit articles that I think are interesting.  One time, I came across to a Huffingpost article, but I left right away because the page is not adaptive to the size of my phone.  I am happy that they did some changes recently.

Reason #4:  Okay, you are writing content, but your target audience cannot relate to it.  You are writing content that is not connecting to the right people. Maybe you missed the part of asking yourself who you are writing for? Remind yourself this “You have to know your audience!”

Knowing your audience will allow you to create an effective content that will attract your ideal client.

Reason #5: You have no call to action.  You are not giving your visitors an opportunity to act on your website. They read something, and then you let them go, just like that.


Reason #6: Your website is not Search Engine Optimized.  I recently have read on another site that you don’t have to submit your website to Google because Google automatically finds your website.  I think I will agree to that, BUT from what I know, the search engine will only see your website as it is. Google will not have an understanding what your site is all about so when your ideal customer search for something, search bots cannot suggest your site to them.

Being SEO optimized is not just about submitting your website to Google and Bing. Search Engine Optimization is a set of rules that a website manager has to follow to optimized their web pages.  I repeat, web pages. We don’t just optimize your homepage. We optimize the whole website.

Every content of your pages has to have a plan, tell a story what the page all about and what the reader can do while or after reading the pages.

Reason #7: Your beautiful website design ignores usability.  The usability of your website has a big role in search engine optimization as well as the user experience. You might have a pretty website but your visitor cannot access your navigation the way they want to use it will cost your entire online business.


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